Project Madness and a Cool Spider

The room has fast been filling up with projects as the year progresses.  We have a fully formed and connected forest food chain built by Kindergarten, fish designed and adapted to different environments by Grade 4, The Tidal Zone showing that animals seem to prefer to be as deep as possible by Grade 1, heat collection and retention projects in progress (foil, styrofoam, and plastic wrap) by Grade 3, and a desert quiz game designed by Grade 2.  All the while Grade 5 is preparing for their big open ocean research project and we have this spider visitor just in time for Halloween.  Phew!   In the meantime, can anyone identify this guy?  It has been trying to squeeze into that crack to hide for the last couple days, and pretends to ignore all the students entering and exiting the room (it is at foot level).  I looked up Pumpkin Spider, but the images of the two don’t match.

Curiosity rules!


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