Guess who came to visit in the garden?

Our favorite praying mantis!  It’s quite possible it thinks we were the visitors.  It camouflages so well there were many times we lost sight of it in the dirt.  We checked to see if it was a female (6 abdomen segments) or a male (8 abdomen segments).  Our conclusion: a female.  It watched us dig in the dirt, and we watched it as it watched us.  What an interesting creature.  And Grade 1 students had so many things to tell me about praying mantids.  Maybe our first sighting made them curious.  Maybe this second visit has made them even more curious.  What do you want to know about praying mantids?  I am wondering if she has laid eggs anywhere nearby.  It is the season for such a thing.  We will definitely keep you posted if we see any baby mantids in the garden.


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