Butterfly UPDATE

Because our Good Morning Butterfly was so patient and photogenic we have some great evidence of our visitor, photos.  After looking at the Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMO) website it seemed so certainly an Arizona Sister butterfly, a species that does not live here at all.  I sent an email with the picture to the website in case we could contribute to new information about the butterfly, and just received a response!  It turns out we might have had a California variety of the Arizona Sister, Adelpha californica.  Hopefully we will hear back from the local butterfly coordinator and confirm our sighting.  They hope to use the picture on their website as well, how exciting!  To celebrate, here is another picture of our flying friend.


One thought on “Butterfly UPDATE

  1. Confirmation received:
    Yes, the butterfly is a California Sister (Adelpha californica), a butterfly of oak woodland in the mountains of California outside the deserts. Arizona Sisters (Adelpha eulalia) are only known from some desert mountain ranges in the eastern Mojave Desert (they are “resident” in the Granite Mts. near Granite Pass (Kelbaker Rd.) near the Providence Mts. Arizona Sisters occur through the mountains of Arizona and the Spring Mts. of southern Nevada.

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