Turn up the heat!

Grade 3 did, in the hottest part of the day no less!  We found that it was preferable to sit outside in the shade where there was at least a breeze, but what happened in the classroom was too curious to pull away from.  We heated the air in a glass bottle by immersing it in boiling water (energy turned to heat and transferred through the coils to the pot to the water to the glass container to the air and…).  Of course we had to keep the air in, and give ourselves some way of measuring or noticing if our experiment produced any changes, and a balloon did the trick.  We predicted that heat rises and that the air would expand and that it could even melt.  We thought about everything that could happen, and then we learned, as the balloon rose and inflated, that hot air does rise, and it does expand, and that heat is transferred from where its hot to where it is cooler.  Which was when we went outside with a 50 foot long solar bag.  Running around the court to fill it with air, the sun did the rest, making the solar bag rise and fall as the air heated and expanded the bag and rose higher into the air.  Sometimes it is the most thrilling to watch the simple truths we sort of innately know expressed in unusual ways.  Leaves possibilities wide open.  What will you do in the heat this week?