Notebooks in the Garden

After setting up our notebooks- giving them a Table of Contents and page numbers, the first line of business is to observe the garden habitat.  Looking as close or wide a perspective as they choose, students are making observations of our garden and the home it provides to plants, animals, and soil.  We are looking forward to the changes that will happen as we begin to work in our garden.

The success story of the summer is the rhubarb plant, which shares a bed with strawberries and raspberries.  The only bed that stayed entirely green over the summer, the berries don’t seem to mind the tannic olives that fall in from the nearby olive tree.  The rhubarb was a leftover at the end of the year, attacked by aphids and left with only one barely attached leaf.  I stuck it in the ground next to the strawberries just in case, and its last leaf fell off.  We returned to this:

The yellow strawberries and the raspberries seem happy to share the space.