First Day of Science and Garden!

We are spending some time getting excited for all the new things we will study this year.  After a preview, students are decorating their Science Notebooks with something they are excited to learn about this year in Science and Garden.

We will call them Notebooks this year instead of Journals for a few reasons:

Notebooks are a place to record observations and conclusions and the science process that led to those conclusions

Notebooks are a sort of “rough draft” for a scientist, helping them formulate thinking, collect evidence, and jot down ideas and notes

A Science Journal is where a scientist would publish a final draft of their research, showing the world their findings so others can build on what they learned through their research. We might get there, but not without our notebooks.

The notebooks will be used throughout the year and will be a collection of the thoughts and ideas we gather as well as the processes we use to make those conclusions.